Lavenderm - All Natural Mosquito Repellent
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Lavenderm - All Natural Mosquito Repellent

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Lavenderm is an all natural mosquito repellent that stops vicious mosquitoes from attacking you so that you can enjoy being outdoors again.

    Not only is Lavenderm a superb mosquito protector, but it's natural ingredients makes it so powerful to treat so many other health related problems you may have.
    • Treats hair loss so you can grow your hair back
    • Treats Insomnia which means you can sleep peacefully
    • Removes lice so you can stop wearing hats
    • Strengthens the immune system to fight infection
    • Defends the body from viral infections so you can stay healthy
    • Relieves pains in the muscles & joints so you can run again
    • Treats Acne so you can smile again
    • Lowers blood pressure


    Why is lavenderm the best mosquito repellent to protect you from mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and any other nasty virus that invades your town, you may be wondering? 

    It is because Lavenderm is made from pure lavender and other pure essential oils that stops these ugly bugs in their tracks.  Mosquitoes really hate the smell of lavender, and other essential oils.

       The CDC Recognizes Essential Oils

      Earlier this year the CDC even has admitted that essential oils are just as effective as DEET. However pure essential oils do not have any side effects and DEET can cause problems. Read here about the CDC.

      Did you know mosquitoes can sense you from far away?  It's your human scent that they follow.  Your body releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and these pesky bugs are very attracted to your CO2, sweat, body odor, and other chemicals that you may release from your metabolism that you are not even aware of.

       However if you are using a natural mosquito repellent such as"Lavenderm" those greedy blood suckers will run away from you, that is because the beautiful smell of Lavenderm makes then see you as the stinkest thing they ever smelled!

      Well I don’t know about you, but if the great smell of lavender that I splash on my arms, legs, and wherever else, makes those pesky bugs run and tell their friends I stink!  I am so ok with that!

      Since Lavenderm is a 100% pure & natural oil, it is also safe & works great as a mosquito repellent for babies. However always talk to your pediatrician first, & spot test for sensitive skin when using on children.

       Case studies have shown that 95% of people who use lavender as a bug repellent do not get any bites, however, if you are bitten by a bug,  lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the irritation and the pain associated with bug bites.

      Are you afraid of mosquitos, flying knats, and other biting bugs?  Are you scared to travel to another city or country because of the Zika Virus?

      Don’t worry, Lavenderm is here to protect you.

      Can you believe a 8 oz bottle of oil can be your superhero for when you travel or just go outside of your door?

      Lavenderm is also a fantastic oil for your hair and scalp.  It works to treat hair loss.  When used on the scalp, Lavenderm stimulates the blood circulation in the hair follicle and studies have reported an increase in hair growth.

      Lavenderm is also very safe to use on your pets too!  Protect your pets from mosquitos that can cause heartworms and other problems for your loving pets.

      Order a bottle of this amazing insect repellent today, your family will love you for it.


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