What People Are Saying!

“I am natural and I have big frizzy curly hair and I have a lot of dandruff. I loved the way my hair felt and looked after I washed it out. My curls were very curly again and I didn’t do anything extra. I let my hair air dry, but decided to flat iron it two days later. Once my hair was flat iron my hair felt really smooth and my hair stayed straight for a very long time. I am very happy with this Silk & Honey Hair Mask.”


“I have been using the Aloe Vera Shampoo and conditioner and I love them.”

-Betty A.

“Hi Debbie, I appreciate the way you care for us. Your actions tell me that you really do care about people, and by the way my hair has never been better thanks to the topical products that I am now using from your store!”

-Chunda T.

“I absolutely love the conditioner and I was going to order some for my daughter so she could try it I’ve never had a conditioner that left my hair so soft and I could just run my fingers threw it that is some amazing stuff.”

-Sheila C.

“I am so ecstatic to say my hair has been growing and the bald spots have really been filling in! I am using the Caffeine HRT Treatment before washing my hair.”

- Felicia E.

“I’ve been using your products for a few years now and I’ve never had any problems with them. Great products and I stand by them.”

- La' Tonya C.

Real People, Real Results

There’s a reason people love our products!

“Since I've been using Pure 7 Hair Repairing Oil, the hair shedding is less. The itching has subsided. My itching habit has decreased.  The sour smell is gone. My hair has grown as well. I'm very satisfied with Pure 7 Oil.”
- Cynthia M.
Verified Hair & Scalp Med Customer

“The Caffeine HRT Scalp Scrub has improved my scalp by making it less dry. It has also improved the texture of my hair and given it more volume.” 
 - Jessica A.
Verified Hair & Scalp Med Customer

“My natural hair is usually very dry and painstakingly dull looking! I used the Silk & Honey Hair Mask, and several people asked me what salon I go to! This is by far the best repair treatment I have ever used!”
- Shirley G.
Verified Hair & Scalp Med Customer


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