Black Onyx II Beard Oil
Black Onyx II Beard Oil - Hair & Scalp Meds

    Black Onyx II Beard Oil


    Black Onyx II Beard oil is made with 100% pure essential oils that can help your beard look and stay healthy. Black Onyx II works for all skin types.

    For starters, it will help prevent flakes in your beard. 

    It stimulates hair follicles and thickens facial hair.

    Are you dealing with an itchy beard?

    This amazing oil for men will also help to stop that crazy itch that causes quite an inconvenience, which prevents you from enjoying your beard’s majestic presence.

     Here is what our Black Onyx II beard growth oil will do for you

    • 100% natural so that it works for all skin types
    • Thickens facial hair 
    • Helps with acne so that your face won't have razor bumps
    • Contains antibacterial properties to help fight infection
    • Filled with antioxidants so it can protect your hair and skin cells
    • Softens follicles so that coarse hairs are more manageable

      Black Onyx II beard oil is enjoyed by beard connoisseurs everywhere.

      Black Onyx II is a reflection of your impeccable taste, and it smells nice too!

      All beard oils are not the same.  Many contain synthetic ingredients, alcohol, and several harsh chemicals.  Our Black Onyx II beard product is made with all-natural ingredients, no alcohol or harsh stuff has ever been used in our products.  

      Once you receive your beard oil and start using it please share your experience with us.  Let us know how Black Onyx II is working for you.  We want your feedback on how you are enjoying the oil. 


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