Hair Mineral Analysis

    Hair Mineral Analysis


    Your hair contains all the minerals present in your body, including nutritional minerals as well as toxic heavy metals.

    Take this forensic test and see what could be causing your hair loss and/or scalp issues . 


    • Hair Mineral Results Only - No Consultation ($199) 
      Receive your electronic Hair Mineral Analysis results and food suggestions only. This option does not include an in-depth consultation to discuss your results.  

    • Hair Mineral Results + 1-on-1 Consultation ($399) 
      Receive your electronic Hair Mineral Analysis Results, food suggestions, and a one-on-one 90 minute consultation with Debbie Williams to thoroughly discuss your results. 

    *DISCLAIMER: This test is only available in the United States and Canada. Not available to residents in the state of New York due to state restrictions.

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    A Mineral Deficiency or Excess Could be Causing Your Hair Loss

    Have you have been to a doctor, or purchased all types of lotions, hair potions and pills, but yet your hair is still falling out?

    Are you experiencing dry brittle hair, itchy scalp, bald patches, or unexplained hair loss?

    If you answered yes to these questions, its time you get a Hair Mineral Analysis

    Your unexplained hair loss or scalp condition could be due to an underlying health concern.

    A Hair Mineral Analysis is a scientific laboratory test that identifies & measures the mineral content in your hair.  This is positive way to simply get to the root cause of your unhealthy hair problem.

    Your hair contains all of the minerals that your body needs, even some that your body don’t need, like toxic heavy metals.

    Your body need micro nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, cobalt, zinc, and sulfur.

    You actually feed your body these nutrients from the foods you eat.  If you fall short of one or more of these micronutrients your body will react with symptom’s, such as pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression or even hair loss.

    After 30 years of research a Hair Analysis has emerged as the most practical method of testing for mineral imbalances in your body.

    Are you ready to get some answers to your unexplained hair loss?

    *DISCLAIMER: This test is only available in the United States and Canada. Not available to residents in the state of New York.

    *Please note, to discuss and share your analysis results, you will need access to a laptop or desktop computer. A cellphone or tablet are not sufficient for this type of appointment. All reports are electronic and can not be mailed. 

    Hair Mineral Analysis Return Policy:

    • Within 14 days - Full Refund  
    • After 14 days - store credit or exchange
    • After 30 days - no refunds or exchanges 
    • Hair Sample must be submitted within 6 months or order can longer be processed

    Hair Mineral Analysis Reviews

    “Today Debbie went over my hair analysis and explained in great detail mineral deficiencies and imbalances that my analysis revealed. There were some surprises along with suspected issues but more importantly I was given hope regarding nutritional answers that in all probability will reverse the mineral imbalances and rid me of the toxins I currently live with. I understand that I’m on a wellness journey and I am excited about what the future holds regarding my health and well-being. Needless to say, I am so glad that I’ve taken this step forward and I will share this wonderful information with others.” - Lydia L. 

    “Great experience.  The information provided from this analysis is extremely valuable.  It's very informative and allows you to take the action steps necessary to improve your health today and possibly avoid problems in the future.” - Pamela R. 

    “The hair mineral analysis is an awesome tool!  It has helped me on my health journey tremendously!  Everyone needs to know what is going on in their body to say healthy.  Mrs. Debbie is awesome! She is extremely passionate, erudite and very humble. She really wants to help.  I advise everyone to get the test so you will be armed with the knowledge that you need for a bright healthy future!!” - Tanya C. 

    “The Hair Mineral Analysis was really revealing as the causes of not only my hair loss, but other illnesses and maladies I’ve been plagued with most of my life. Debbie goes through each section of the results thoroughly and I was quite stunned by some of the deficiencies I have—even though I have been taking vitamins religiously.  Come to find out that minerals are more important than vitamins as your body needs the minerals in order to help the vitamins work at all. I think a Hair Mineral Analysis should be a health requirement at the start of each phase of life. It gives you pertinent information on what to take into your body to help you not just survive, but to thrive!  With this Analysis and the suggested dietary changes, I am sure to have a great quality of life from this day forward.” - Melanie Stewart

    “Just got the results from my hair analysis. Can you say Happy.  I'm so thrilled 2 know the do's and dont's as it relates to how my dietary intake is affecting my hair, my health and my life. Definitely an eye opener and happy to know there are some things I can do immediately to recharge and reset my life and the conditions of my body....Debbie was patient and thorough in explaining Everything and I mean Everything.  Who does that??? Her knowledge about how things work, how they impact your hair and overall health is remarkable. I invite everyone who want to know more about their hair, health and or just to improve their life to get the hair analysis..Thank you Debbie!” - K.H.


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