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Silk & Honey Hair Mask: Dry Hair Conditioner

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If your hair is dry, dull, frizzy, or brittle you really need this silk and honey hair mask to revitalize your lackluster hair strands.  The silk & honey hair mask improves dry damaged strands. It recovers moisture, and it restores shine & luster to boring hair.

Does your natural hair turn into a big ball of frizz when you try to enjoy the outside world?

The Silk & Honey Hair Mask is a rich conditioning mask that hydrates & revitalizes your dry hair strands instantly with the magnificent power of Manuka Honey. This luxurious formula is 100% all-natural and filled with antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals which help to promote hair growth too.

The Silk & Honey hair mask's moisturizing qualities will penetrate deep into your roots to revive dry damaged hair, while simultaneously strengthening your hair follicles.

It helps define your curls, stops your frizz in its tracks, and will leave your hair healthy, hydrated and full of life.

What Can the Silk & Honey Hair Mask do for your hair?

  • Hydrates dry parched hair so that your hair can lock in moisture
  • Help strengthen your hair follicles
  • Adds volume to hair by restoring your natural bounce
  • Adds superior luster and shine to your hair
  • Provides moisture that enables your hair to be more manageable

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Active ingredient: Manuka Honey

For best results,

  1. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo

  2. Apply to damp hair from root to the ends.

  3. Cover with a plastic cap. For best results, sit under a dryer with a plastic cap.

  4. Leave on for 30-45 minutes.

  5. Rinse out with warm water.

  6. Shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

  7. Blow-dry and style as desired.

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