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Black Onyx II Beard oil is made with 100% pure essential oils that can help you to grow a full thick beard. It is certified organic, & 100% natural.  Black Onyx II works for all skin types.

For starters, it will help get rid of dandruff and flakes in your beard. 

You know this is very useful if you’ve ever experienced having dandruff on your beard.

It stimulates hair growth and thickens facial hair.

Are you dealing with an itchy beard?

This amazing oil for men will also help to stop that crazy itch that causes quite an inconvenience, which prevents you from just enjoying your beard’s majestic presence.

 Here is what our Black Onyx II beard growth oil will do for you

  • 100% natural so that it works for all skin types
  • Certified Organic so that its the highest quality for you
  • Stimulates Hair Growth so that your beard will grow in fast
  • Thickens facial hair which means you will have a full beard
  • Helps with acne so that your face wont have razor bumps
  • Antibacterial properties will fight infection
  • Antioxidant so it will protect your skin cells from damage
  • Natural Treatment so that it helps stop oily skin
  • Softens follicles so that coarse hairs are more manageable

    Black Onyx II beard oil is enjoyed by beard connoisseurs everywhere.

    Black Onyx II is a reflection of your impeccable taste, and it smells nice too!

    All beard oils are not the same.  Many contain synthetic ingredients, alcohol, and several harsh chemicals.  Our Black Onyx II beard product is made with all natural ingredients, no alcohol or harsh stuff has ever been used in our products.  

    If you want to become a triple threat “Irresistible, Attractive, & Confident” then you need to get a bottle of Black Onyx II Beard oil  while quantities last.

    Once you receive your beard oil and start using it please share your experience with us.  Let us know how Black Onyx II is working for you.  We want your feedback on how you are enjoying the oil.  That's all.

    Are you ready to become  a dreamy swish of sexy?

    Want to be a  real head-turner?

    What Beard Oil Can Do for Your Beard

    Beard oil has many qualities that make it perfect for hair care – particularly for that area of your face. For starters, it will help get rid of dandruff and flakes. You’ll know this is very useful if you’ve ever experienced having dandruff on your beard. The itchiness causes quite an inconvenience, which prevents you from just enjoying your beard’s majestic presence.

    While eliminating dandruff, it facilitates hair growth, allowing those follicles to grow longer and stronger. This is because it hydrates and moisturizes your skin, so that it is at its best condition while growing your beard.

    Additionally, your beard will feel soft and smooth after applying beard oil. That means less irritation, less itchiness, and a beard that’s nice to touch.

    We haven’t even talked about its long term effects yet. By continuously using our beard oil, you will develop thick facial hair that many people will admire. This will in turn give you a boost in confidence – and let’s face it, that’s even sexier than a beard.


    From $16.00

    "I never knew what my hair was missing until I started using the Caffeine H.R.T. Hair Elixir. My scalp is finally happy, my thinning edges are no more and my hair feels healthier than it has ever been." - Sherece F., Hair & Scalp Meds customer

    You’ve seen and experienced the amazing benefits of our Caffeine Hair Recovery Treatment, now meet the newest member of our hair boosting family. Introducing Caffeine H.R.T. Hair Elixir!

    This incredible hair oil gives you all of the same benefits as Caffeine H.R.T. except in an oil form. It works great for all hair types and textures and it is perfect for braided and other protective styles.

    The Caffeine H.R.T. Elixir is the oil your scalp has been longing for. Formulated with some of Earth’s finest ingredients, this elixir will nourish and strengthen your hair follicles, block the hair loss causing hormone DHT, and restore thinning and balding areas. 

     Here’s what Caffeine H.R.T. Hair Elixir can do for you:

    • Great for edges
    • Stimulates hair cells
    • Strengthens hair follicles
    • Boost hair growth
    • Natural DHT blocker
    • Reduces hair loss
    • Thickens hair strands
    • Seals cuticles
    • Provides hair with a healthy shine
    • Great for protective styles

    From $30.00

    Did you know that the same way you feed your body, is the same way you must feed your hair?

    Hair must have nutrients in order to grow healthy and strong. 

    If your hair is missing essential nutrients you will experience hair breakage, dry damaged hair and even extensive hair loss.

    The Pure 7 Pumpkin Hair Serum provides your hair follicles with an important supply of nutrients for optimal health and growth.

    This 100% natural serum stimulates blood circulation which brings oxygens, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins to your hair follicles encouraging growth and strength.

    It combats hair loss by inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

    Repairs damaged hair follicles with antioxidants, copper, zinc, vitamin A, C, & E

    Reduces Scalp Inflammation with essential fatty acids.

    Your hair needs nutrients to be healthy just like your body needs nutrients.  This pumpkin hair serum is providing your hair with the superfood it needs to give you healthy strong hair.

    The Pumpkin Serum is great for all hair types and textures, especially dry hair. 

    From $15.00

    "My hair was so dry and breaking.  I started using the Pure 7 hair oil, and within a couple of weeks I saw and felt a difference in my hair.  It's not breaking and I am seeing new hair around my edges grow back."    C. Davis - customer

    Are you needing a hair oil to help boost hair growth?

     Is your scalp so dry & itchy that your willing to do anything to just find some relief? 

    Did you know your hair needs to be fed nutrients to grow healthy & strong?

    If you answered yes to these questions, you will be excited to know that PURE 7 Hair Repairing Oil is what you need right now!

    PURE 7 hair oil is has been called  "the miracle oil in a bottle"  From healing a dry & itchy scalp to providing your hair with the natural nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

    This 100% Vegan hair oil will never let you down. It is loaded with vitamins A, B, D, & E, and even Zinc.  All of the vitamins your hair needs. 

    PURE 7 hair repairing oil is also filled with rich minerals that your hair follicles need to promote strong hair and a healthy scalp.

    With a natural blend of the most powerful essential oils that promote hair growth & healthy hair.

    PURE 7 is made from the HIGHEST quality therapeutic grade essential oils found in the world and is 100% Vegan.


    Here's what PURE 7 Hair Repairing Oil can do for you:

    • Activates hair cells so your hair can start to grow again
    • Feeds your hair the nutrients it needs to build strength 
    • Repairs damaged follicles so that your hair can get healthy
    • Thicken hair strands so you can have fuller hair
    • Soothes your itchy scalp so that you can stop scratching your head
    • Relieves dandruff so you won't have embarrassing flakes anymore
    • Helps with scalp conditions such as psoriasis & dermatitis
    • Slows down the process of hair turning gray so you can enjoy your color
    • Helps to heal & recover from alopecia and other 

       Here's What Our Clients Say's About Pure 7 Hair Repairing Oil 

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